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Smart Home Upgrades Make Good Sense When Hitting the Housing Market

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Looking for intelligent ideas for enhancing your home? Technology is making life better for homeowners in many ways. Embracing smart home technology is a great idea when you’re planning to buy or sell a property.

When it comes to home improvements, unless you intend to keep a house a long time, it makes the most sense to do projects with a good return on investment (ROI). ROI is determined by calculating how much an improvement costs the homeowner and comparing it with what the project returns when the property sells. Smart home automations, which are technological improvements to homes, essentially make homes intuitive to their owners. It’s one of the hottest trends on the market,and can make life much easier for homeowners.

Here are some of the best home automation ideas available as recommended by J-Arts Real Estate Photography.


Home lighting is improving at lightning speed! One of the most exciting and flexible smart home improvement concepts is automated lighting because it can be applied to individual rooms or throughout homes, and works by coordinating bulbs, switches, smartphones, and any combination thereof. You can schedule lighting to change at particular times, dim your lights, change hues, and control it all remotely.


A smart thermostat is one of the most desirable home upgrades, and choosing the right one can really pay off. Opt for a NEST thermostat to get the best bang for your buck. Not only is it well known, it sets the industry standard for bells and whistles. It provides you with remote functionality, and it learns your preferences, checks changes in conditions, and monitors usage, and adjusts accordingly. Using a NEST helps you save energy, so your home runs more efficiently, as well as lower costs on utility bills.

Home security

Looking for top-notch ROI? Then look to cutting-edge home security tech like the Ring Doorbell. You can incorporate video and audio data and receive information about who is at your door via your smartphone. As House Beautiful notes, the Ring Doorbell will interface with Alexa or Google Home.

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

As explained by Wirecutter, even homeowners who aren’t particularly interested in other smart home devices see the value in smart home smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. These technologically advanced gadgets are a sensible addition to the safety of your home. Not only are they a reliable way to notify you of an emergency situation, if your home is equipped with other smart home devices, they can be integrated. For instance, if there is a fire, your smoke detector can tell your lights to flash, helping you be that much more aware of trouble.

Water sensor

Did you know homeowners insurance policies won’t always pay for water damage? If your home floods, many policies only cover damage if you paid extra for flood insurance. That can leave you high and dry in the event of trouble! Investing in a smart home water sensor can save you from substantial cost and damage, as well as improve the value of your property. Some professionals suggest installing sensors in each area of the home where leaks might start. Remember, toilets can clog, hoses to washing machines break, and supply lines to sinks give out. Consider potential sources of trouble, and plan accordingly.

Automation makes homes more user-friendly and improves the quality of life for homeowners. Good choices can also enhance your property’s marketability. When deciding what home improvements are right for you, put smart home technology at the top of your list.

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